Sometimes people doing the Transform YOU program tell me they have difficulty performing a plank. Good news: You don’t have to skip the move altogether. Planks can be modified in a variety of ways, depending on what is preventing you from being able to correctly and effectively perform the exercise. 

Some basic modifications:
  • Perform a plank at an incline instead of being parallel to the ground. Try doing a plank by leaning your forearms on a counter top. If that feels easy, use a bench or the seat of a chair. 
  • Use your knees. Whether in a regular plank or a side plank, keep your lower leg (from your knees down) on the ground while performing the plank. You should find this much easier. 

In time, you’ll be strong enough to do regular planks and side planks with great form. You just have to be persistent. But trust me, all the hard work will pay off. You’ll be leaner and have an easier time doing all kinds of activities, from carrying a heavy laundry basket to playing with your kids or grandkids.