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  • Keep on Going!

    Congratulations for participating in the UHG Challenge!

    Thank you for taking the time in the past 12 weeks to use the resource that has been made available to you.

    You have made healthy changes, developed an awareness of healthy nutrition and have increased

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  • Healthy Goals… Staying Focused and Motivated!

    When we first start out on a new path to reach a goal, we usually start out strong and ready to conquer with gusto!

    We have a desire to see results and feel excited about the possibilities …

    After the initial excitement, sometimes the motivation can start

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  • Week 12... Final week of the Challenge…!

    1) “Post One More Picture” - take another picture of yourself - the before after image can inspire as you see the results of your efforts!

    2) “Share Your Story” - what tips, tricks, tools …. Meals did you find useful? Pass on your story to motivate others

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  • Sleep and Weight...?

    Research shows that there is evidence that there is a possible link between sleep and weight.

    Disrupted or lack of sleep influence your appetite and affect your hormones.

    After a sleepless night, you may find that no matter what you ate you never feel full

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  • Week 11...

    1) Identify 3 Roadblocks 2) Bring Family Onboard 3)Stop Judging Yourself

    Letting yourself get too hungry between meals and then eating the too much or unhealthy snacks?

    Spread out your calories throughout the day into 6 smaller meals, always keep healthy

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  • Excuses Continued...

    Another common excuse to NOT exercise that I often hear:

    “I'm Too Tired”

    You may feel like crashing on the couch after a long day, but exercise can actually give you more energy!

    Once you can get yourself moving, your fatigue will usually disappear.

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  • Are You Making Excuses...?

    We have all done it… made excuses…to NOT exercise!

    One of the most common one I hear is:

    “I Don't Have Time”

    Here are some possible solutions:

    Split it up: do three 10 min sessions a day to fit exercise in - everyone has 10 min right?

    Workout while you

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  • Power Up With Music!

    Listening to music while you workout can be one of the best ways to get yourself motivated! Science evidence confirms that having motivating exercise music can positively influence your performance. It can be a powerful tool to change your mood, outlook and

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  • Importance of Listening to Your Body...

    A reminder to listen to your body!

    Recently, while on a trip, I discovered how a little rest can help! I did not get a chance to stay as active as I usually am with all my classes and training that I do. Before I left, I was noticing a bit of pain in one of my knees….

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  • Abs... Core...

    Add this 5 min. workout at the end of your cardio workout...The cardio will burn the fat and calories and then this workout will tone up your abs and core muscles!

    [media id="PRD__4f39412a3f17d4_94241185" title="Joel Harper - core workout"]