If you just had your tragus pierced, then you might notice swelling in the area of the wound. It is quite normal for the wound to swell especially a few days after the piercing procedure.

However, there are instances when the swelling is a sign of something more serious situation going on in the wound. The most common cause of swollen tragus piercing is an infection.

The tragus is right near the hairline which makes it very exposed to the external surroundings. People with long hair have to be extra careful when handling their mane as frequent brushing might cause irritations. If the wound is not cleaned properly and regularly, dirt may accumulate in the area and bacteria might infect it leading to complications.

What Are The Causes of A Swollen Tragus Piercing?
Another cause of swollen tragus piercing is when the instruments used for the procedure are not sterilized. Compared to the first cause mentioned above, this one is brought by causes DURING the procedure and not AFTER. It is therefore imperative that before you try to beautify and accessorize your body with different tragus earrings, you have to check first if the person doing the procedure is qualified.

Make sure that the area where the procedure will be done and the equipment to be used are clean. A little background check won’t hurt if it means saving yourself from future infections and expenses on medications. The next cause is related to the first one.

Although cleaning your tragus piercing is highly recommended, EXCESSIVE cleaning can also lead to infections which in turn will lead to swelling. When cleaning your wound, you have to make sure that you do not rub it off harshly. Handling your piercing roughly will definitely lead to irritations. Also make sure that if ever you use a cotton ball when cleaning it, you do not leave behind cotton debris as this can also facilitate clumping of dirt that can lead to swelling. Lastly, your jewelry might be the reason why you have a swollen tragus bump.

The jewelry, if put in too tight, may also prolong the healing process. Some materials in your jewelry might cause some irritation too. For instance, nickel tend to cause allergic reaction to many people. When picking out the jewelry to adorn your ear, go for those made from stainless steel, platinum, gold or silver as these types are known for rare cases of irritation.

How To Deal With A Swollen Tragus Piercing
There are many ways on how to deal with a swollen tragus piercing. Although consulting a physician is your best and safest bet, you can also try these steps in order to address the problem area first.
  1. Clean the area with a rubbing alcohol. With a Q-tip, swab the wound twice a day.
  2. Remove dirt and debris with a saline solution. You can make your own solution by mixing salt and water.
  3. Press the infected area with a chamomile tea bag dipped in warm water. This procedure is known for quickening the healing which in turn could lead to curing the swelling.
  4. Press the wound with a hot compress. Just make sure that your cloth is clean.
  5. When there is no change in the condition of your piercing, consult your physician.