Meet the healthier you

Sharecare helps you learn what you need to be healthier. From eating better to fitness tips to stress relief, Sharecare recommends simple things to do every day, and reminds you to do them.

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All your health in one place

Sharecare gives you a safe and secure place to manage all the moving parts of your health - all in one place - to help you live a happier and healthier life.

  • Learn your RealAge

    The first step to growing younger is learning your body's actual age.

  • Get personalized recommendations

    Based on where you are in your health journey, Sharecare provides personalized recommendations.

  • Track your health habits

    Keep track of your daily activities that have the biggest impact on your RealAge.

  • Earn green days

    As you begin tracking your healthy habits, earn green days and lower your RealAge.

Take control of your health

Are you meeting all your health goals today? When you download Sharecare, it works with you to analyze your activities, patterns and behaviors during the day. Sharecare then gives you real-time feedback to make better choices and track your progress. Get started now.

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