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Gauging Presidential Candidates' Stress Levels in Debates

Imagine an app that can help you better manage your stress, improve your communication and boost your personal relationships. Sharecare's new voice app does just that. The app uses voice analysis to detect repetitive patterns in your voice (called fractal patterns) and offers a visual on the intensity of your tone when you're talking with someone – providing an insight to how you’re really feeling while pointing out underlying stress levels.

And now, Sharecare is using that same groundbreaking technology to analyze the campaign trail performance of the 2016 presidential hopefuls. The app gives data-based insight into how these politicians speak during debates, which offers a unique look into their mindsets and stress levels when they're discussing certain issues.

Here are a few key points during recent debates. See how some of your favorite -- and perhaps not so favorite – candidates scored on the stress board.

Donald Trump on Jobs

Trump’s voice indicates he’s uneasy about the idea of Americans losing jobs. When Trump mentions the similarities between his and Clinton’s opinions on jobs, his mindset is productive, yet worried. Trump’s impatience quickly mounts as he reiterates the importance of American companies leaving the United States.

Hillary Clinton on NAFTA

Clinton’s mindset fluctuates between productive and irritated during her discussion of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In her declaration of opposition against NAFTA, Clinton’s mindset is productive, yet her stress-type airs on the side of nervousness. When she clarifies her opinion, in a comment directed at Trump, Clinton seems intense and irritated.

Donald Trump on Clinton Predator

When Trump begins his discussion on Clinton’s super-predator comment, his stress level is low and his mindset is calm. His stress gradually climbs, reaching levels of nervousness, as he mentions his displeasure with Clinton’s comments. Trump’s mindset reaches uneasy levels when he mentions how his feelings on guns may differ from Clinton’s, where it plateaus.

Donald Trump Attacks Clinton on ISIS

Trump maintains a high level of intensity throughout his discussion of Clinton’s plans for ISIS. Despite his change in volume and inflection, Trump’s mindset is constantly uneasy and his stress level, unwaveringly irritated.

Hillary Clinton on Trump’s Economic Plan

Clinton’s mindset is calm and her stress level low as she discusses a plan for a tax system that rewards work, as opposed to financial transactions. Her mindset quickly jumps to uneasy and impatient at first mention of Trump’s economic plan to cut taxes for the wealthy. Clinton’s mindset rises to intense levels and she grows more impatient when she mentions the differences between her and Trump’s economic plans.

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