Value-Based Care

Accelerating the
transformation to
value-based care.

Sharecare’s dashboard workflow solution manages complex activities, improves quality reporting and increases patient satisfaction to help achieve value-based care success.

Value-based care made easy.

Sharecare is a complete payments dashboard assisting you with clear direction and specific actions to improve patient health outcomes and maximize revenue. We align ourselves with providers and your staff to offer a performance guarantee agreement for every customer.

The dashboard helps providers navigate MIPS, MACRA, Bundled Payments, ACO, CIN, PCMH, and other compliance challenges. Sharecare helps you achieve value-based care by assisting with workflow solutions, providing quality performance measurements, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing the administrative burden on your staff.

Dashboard workflow solutions for value-based care

Providers need clinical data for patient health management, quality measurement for reimbursement and most importantly they want to deliver optimal care to their patients. Using the Sharecare value-based dashboard enables providers to achieve their goals.

High risk population stratification

Patient population intelligence dashboard to monitor and manage high-risk patients with automated reminders to ensure appropriate and timely screening occurs and care gaps are closed.

High-cost patient stratification

Identifies the patients that are most likely to increase the cost of care due to high-risk conditions and ensure that the maximum reimbursement is provided based on the need to provide more care to achieve improved outcomes

Clinical cost per case analysis

Accurate data provided for analysis of cost per case allows proper reimbursement by type of case and allows quality improvement measures to be both meaningful and actionable.

Care gap analysis

Offers providers tools to close care gaps using an intuitive user-friendly dashboard to ensure care is proactive and timely. Care gap checklists ensure each encounter can address relevant healthcare issues and drive the best outcomes.

Clinical measures and reporting

Providers can use real-time patient data to identify, measure, and report on patient populations against all CMS and health plan standard sets of quality care metrics to enable compliance with MIPS, MACRA, Bundled Payments, ACO, CIN, PCMH, and many more.

Sharecare exclusive MIPS QCDR quality measures

Provider, practice and network performance

Value-based care can ease the burden of complex care requirements and enable providers to measure and adjust performance, enable increased reimbursement while improving population outcomes and reducing per capita costs for healthcare.

Sharecare – value-based care by the numbers




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Case study: Sharecare and Wellvana

Partnering to deliver value-based care through CIN/ACO

Industry: Healthcare
Providers: Over 300 independent physicians
Goal: Create a CIN/ACO to serve Medicare patients with value-based care

The challenge

Organize independent providers to build a clinically integrated network (CIN)/accountable care organization (ACO) that serve Medicare patients with value-based care.

The solution

Use data, technology, peer-to-peer comparisons, and training to create consensus among disparate providers.

The results

A strong CIN/ACO delivering higher quality care with lower cost, and higher in-network referral rates.

The future

Expand geographic footprint and reach out to self-insured employers and payors beyond Medicare.

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