My Story: Priya and Shingles

After watching both her mother and grandmother endure the pain of shingles, Priya was determined not to have a similar experience. In this video, learn how she has committed to promoting the shingles vaccine as a commitment to health.


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PRIYA: I've had some friends and acquaintances who've had shingles. And that's led me to realize that this is not
a disease I want to get. My first encounter with shingles was when my grandmother had it.
And that was when I was a child. And I know that she suffered with a lot of pain after the sores dried up.
And later on, my mother also got shingles. And she was miserable for quite a long time. One of my friends, when she was only 49, got shingles.
And she didn't even qualify for the shingles vaccine. And she told me how miserable she was
and how the pain was so intense, and it was persistent. And that was like, OK, I need to get to my doctor
and get her to prescribe the vaccine for me. So I have a health blog called
I'm really committed to promoting health. And getting the shingles vaccine is part of promoting health.
One piece of advice I'd give to someone else about the vaccine is to not hold off when it can protect you from a much more
severe and prolonged illness. I definitely recommend the shingles vaccine to my friends and family.
There's no reason why anyone should have to suffer from this disease, which can be prevented. I have so much peace of mind knowing that I've
had the shingles vaccine. It's just one less thing to worry about.

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