One-to-One: Psoriasis in the Spring

Do you get terrible psoriasis flare-ups in the Spring? Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day has some advice for you to get out and enjoy the season.

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With spring finally here, I can't wait to get back outside. But every year around this time, it feels like I could get
really bad flare-ups. Any advice on how I could keep my psoriasis in check as I get back out there? [MUSIC PLAYING]
This is a really important question. And yes, I'm so excited to be getting outside more again too.
But this is definitely an issue people face. So I'm glad you brought it up. And my first piece of advice for you
is to keep track of your triggers. If you feel like this time of year can cause flare-ups, why do you think that is?
And you don't need an answer right now. But having some way to track when and why flare-ups occur can go a long way towards finding solutions
that really work for you. Spring is often a time when we switch our routines. We change our wardrobe.
We do all that great, not so great, spring cleaning. This is a time to check to see if you may have any triggers related to these changes or new habits.
Although it's less common, some may find specific foods or alcohol or environmental factors or allergies can trigger their psoriasis.
And there's always the common causes to look out for. These include dryness. And in the spring weather, it isn't that humid yet.
So even though it's warmer, you might be getting drier skin than normal, especially if you're doing it right and getting outside.
So for you, I want you to add a step to your daily routine. Whenever you finish bathing, I want you to gently pat yourself dry and apply
a heavy ointment based moisturizer while your skin is still damp. If this seems to help, I want you to pick a couple more times in the day to reapply.
And per usual, keep exercising. Keep managing your stress. Healthy living is always a priority.
Also, don't be afraid to contact your doctor. There may be treatments out there that can help you control those flare-ups more effectively.
Best of luck. And enjoy your spring. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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