A Doctor's Advice for People Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

A bipolar diagnosis can be scary if you don't have a lot of information. Watch Sue Varma, MD, share her advice for people newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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WOMAN: Hi Dr. Varma. I know when I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it was really scary and confusing.
And I had to figure out how to start a whole new life for myself and live the healthiest life I can.
So what hope can you give for people that have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder?
I totally get it. I understand that being diagnosed for the first time with any disorder that you may not have a lot of information about can be scary.
[MUSIC PLAYING] People with bipolar disorder are really going to have to be
their biggest self-care advocate. Staying well for people with bipolar disorder means knowing your triggers, and, as much as possible,
either avoiding them for planning in advance around them. That might mean knowing travel coming up ahead,
a move, a more stressful position at your job, needing more family support at home. So being your best advocate, asking for what you need,
planning in advance and saying no when necessary. [MUSIC PLAYING]
People with bipolar disorder, in my experience, who do the best are people who have excellent family support. So definitely engage the people around you--
friends and family. And being in close contact with your treatment provider, and being aware of your medications, and the side
effects, and taking your medication every day is going to be really important in maintaining stability when a person is dealing with bipolar disorder.

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