We’re all in this together

After this past year, your physical and mental health has never been more important. Sharecare wants to help you live healthy and stay resilient with FREE access to award-winning programs that work.


Learn how old you really are based on factors like what you eat and how you sleep. Then set goals to lower or maintain your real age.

Clinically validated, determined to be more accurate predictor of mortality than Framingham ATP III risk score

Stay up to date

Get the latest news and information on COVID-19, vaccines, and more about healthy living with personalized recommendations.

Comprehensive library of medically reviewed content, including thousands of original articles, topics, Q&A’s, slideshows, and videos.

Challenge yourself

Join a free steps challenge to reduce your stress and stay resilient so you are in good shape in case you get sick.

According to researchers from National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control, taking 8,000 steps a day was linked with a 51% lower risk of death from any cause.

Unwind your anxiety

Don’t let the pandemic create more stress and anxiety in your life. Take control with FREE access to the Unwinding Anxiety program.

30-day program with daily video modules, short mindfulness exercises, and anti-anxiety tools clinically proven to reduce anxiety by up tp 63%.

Eat right now

Say no to the “quarantine 15” and learn healthier eating habits with mindfulness exercises and support to lose weight.

28-day program combining habit change and mindfulness into a step-by-step program clinically proven to reduce craving-related eating by 40%.

Stop smoking

According to the ZOE COVID Symptom study, current smokers are 14% more likely to develop classic symptoms of COVID-19. Quit smoking and vaping today with the Craving to Quit program FREE.

Award-winning 21-day program teaching awareness of cravings and how to break the habit loop to help you quit smoking or vaping.

All together, better.

The Sharecare app helps you manage your health and stay resilient through the pandemic. Get started today.

You’re in control

The Sharecare app puts the power of living your best life in your hands. Use it anytime on any computer or download it to any smart phone.

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