My Story: Johnerio and HIV

Johniero was shocked with his HIV diagnosis but that did not stop this writer and advocate. Watch his inspiring story here.

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I became HIV positive March, 2015.
I was shocked. I was like, this cannot be real. I wish I knew that, at that moment,
that I would still be here. HIV is not a death sentence.
So hey, you have to become educated on this, and you have to become an advocate for your own health care. It's important.
The advice I would give someone when it comes to building a great relationship with your doctor is being honest and open.
All the information that you can give your doctor is only to help you. It is not going to take you out, that you control it,
that you make it, and that's how I came up with my campaign, I am not HIV, just to show that we are not our situations,
we make our situation, that situation does not make us. I think that there's a lot of misconceptions
when it comes to HIV. Like, they think that you're going to die. No, you're going to continue to live your life, as
successful as you can. And healthy. You're still healthy. My doctor tells me all the time, Johnerio, your body,
your muscles, your joints, everything is great. As an advocate, I put myself in the forefront.
I show them that hey, I'm living with HIV, I'm HIV undetectable, and I'm still living my best life. I wrote my first book, I graduated with my master's,
I help feed the homeless. Just being out in the community of individuals that are newly diagnosed, that may need someone to talk to,
just give them a shoulder. I choose a positive outlook of HIV just because I know that it is not going to take me out.
I know that I'm still healthy, and knowing that HIV hasn't and isn't going to stop my life, I'm happy.
I'm happy that I'm still alive. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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