When is an x-ray necessary?

Dr. Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky
Ambulatory Care Specialist

X-rays are used to confirm and assist healthcare practitioners to make a diagnosis and to inform care decisions.

X-rays are used:

  • to detect injury to bones such as fractures
  • to identify bone deformities
  • verify healing of bones
  • verify healing after surgical implants such as knee and hip replacements
  • verify placement of other medical devices such as implantable pumps and catheters
  • sinus x-rays to detect infection

X-rays are also used to identify conditions related to some of the more dense tissues in our body:

  • lungs (pneumonia, bronchitis, foreign body)
  • intestines (obstruction, or presence of air in the bowel)
  • gall stones
  • kidney stones

Your healthcare practitioner will determine if x-rays are warranted. For example, a diagnosis of a sinus infection may be based on your symptoms; negating the need for an x-ray.

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