How can I provide a safe environment for a child to disclose abuse?

To provide a safe environment for a child to disclose abuse, make sure the setting is confidential and comfortable. Avoid communicating with shock, horror or fear about anything said, even though what you are hearing is likely shocking and horrifying. The child may interpret your reaction as you being shocked and horrified by him or her and shut down. The child needs you to be confident and supportive. Speak slowly and maintain a calm demeanor. Tell the child he or she is doing the right thing and that you will do what you can to help them.

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Child Abuse

In most cases of child abuse, the abuser is someone the child knows; parent, relative, or family friend. Abuse can be emotional, neglect, sexual, or physical abuse. All types of abuse can cause permanent mental or emotional damage ...

to the child as they age. Many will turn to alcohol or drug use, and some may become withdrawn and depressed.

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