How do I know if I'm addicted to sugar?

If you really feel like you "need" to have sugar in your diet, you may have a dependency - or addiction - to it. In this video, psychologist Ramani Durvasula, PhD, discusses some signs and symptoms that may point to an actual addiction to sugar.
JJ Virgin
Health Education
One of the surest ways to tell whether you're a sugar burner -- meaning your body is primarily running on glucose (sugar) for fuel -- is to be hungry every few hours. Constant cravings are another big sign that your diet is high sugar impact. Rather than completely eliminate sugar all at once (a surefire way to crash, burn and crave those blondie brownies your coworker brought in), I recommend gradually tapering and transitioning onto a low-sugar impact diet.
Nicole Avena, PhD
Nutrition & Dietetics
To investigate a possible addiction to sugar, you must assess your behavior and see how it's being affected by your sugar intake. In this video, research neuroscientist Nicole Avena, PhD, explains how you can figure out if you're addicted to sugar. 

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