Does watching less TV help with weight loss?

Molly Morgan
Nutrition & Dietetics

In general watching less TV will likely mean that you become more active! Although, if you workout while watching TV you could actually wind-up making TV a beneficial part of your day. For example: instead of just sitting and watching the morning news... while viewing, do crunches, pushups, leg lunges or if you have weights or other exercise equipment, put it to use!!

Chase away belly fat by pushing the "off" button on your TV remote. People who cut their TV time in half consume 100 fewer calories a day without even trying. That's a pound every 35 days without even trying!

James O. Hill
Nutrition & Dietetics
Research shows that watching TV less than 10 hours a week will help you lose weight. Not only is watching TV a sedentary activity, it also takes the place of leisure time you could be using for other things, such as exercising or being active around the house.

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