What are the characteristics of successful weight losers?

Successful weight losers would be defined as people that lose weight and keep it off for at least 3 years. Successful weight losers/maintainers never stop paying attention to their weight or body fat changes because in today’s modern world weight loss or maintenance DOESN’T happen by accident but weight gain DOES – therefore paying attention regularly is mandatory.
 Below is a list of a few attributes of successful weight maintainers:
  • Highly motivated to lose weight generally triggered by a life-changing event whether it be emotional, such as divorce, or medical, such as diagnosed with a weight-related disease
  • Consistently record food intake until identifying proper portion sizes and the calorie content of foods becomes almost automatic
  • Eat at least 4 small meals daily and often using meal replacement bars or shakes for 1 or 2 meals
  • Exercise at least 3 days/wk with walking different speeds being the most common form
  • Weigh or measure regularly (generally once weekly)
  • Incorporate motivational devices like pedometers or other body sensing devices that capture activities and/or calorie burn
The evidence-based Sharecare MILI application under the "Coach" tab contains all your weight control tools/needs so you will have your best chance of long term success.

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