As a Sharecare Transformer, how often do you weigh yourself?

I weigh in every Saturday morning at Weight Watchers. I wear exactly the same outfit every week to weigh in so that I know it is totally accurate for my week. 

I weigh myself every morning before getting in the shower. I know that there are variances with water retention and muscle weight since I'm lifting weights more. It's every Friday morning that counts. This is my weight watchers weigh in day. On this day not only do I track my weight and inches, I also track my BMI, water percentage, bone mass, body fat percentage and blood pressure. I log all of that to watch my areas of need and my areas of improvement.

I personally weigh every other day. i find this helps me stay accountable to my weight loss goals and will let me know if there is an issue (like water retention bloat) that i need to address.
I actually weigh myself every day but only the weigh-in at Weight Watchers counts. I like to check my weight during the week so that I'm sort of prepared for what might happen during the WW weigh-in.

I usually weigh myself twice a week. Once at Weight Watchers on Saturday and once on Wednesday to make sure I'm going to register a loss on the following Saturday.

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