Lose Fat Just by Standing?

Lose Fat Just by Standing?

Your body might be able to break down fat better if you do this one simple thing: stand more.

A small study suggests that when people sit around too much, enzymes that help break down fat are practically turned off. Bad news not just for your waist but also for your heart and artery health. The solution? Fidget, pace, get up, get down. Do whatever you have to do to move those legs of yours. Often.

Couch-Potato Science
In a small animal study, cutting back on time spent puttering about had a big impact on lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that helps break down fat in the body. The enzyme's activity was slashed 94 percent by less than one day of inactivity. And researchers speculate that this dramatic drop means more fat retention for the body. But frequently engaging your large muscles could be a good way to counter it. That means more time puttering, less time lounging. Even if you already have an exercise routine.

The Daily Lowdown
Unfortunately, daily low-intensity activity -- everyday stuff like walking to the bus stop, pinning the laundry on the line, or pushing the lawn mower -- is going the way of poodle skirts and fuzzy dice, thanks to desk jobs, the Internet, and 500-channel TVs. But your body needs not only a formal workout routine but a high percentage of everyday movement, too. So try our tips for making your days more active:

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