Eat Fat, Lose Weight? Here’s How

Eat Fat, Lose Weight? Here’s How

We all know that the way to lose weight is to cut fat and calories -- don’t we? Well, not so fast. Jorge Cruise’s book, The 100, says you can drop pounds and gain energy by eating high-fat foods, so long as you swear off sugar.

In fact, The 100 instructs you to start every day by putting half-and-half in your coffee.

Cruise, a trainer, chef and best-selling author of so many weight-loss guides that he could fill his own shelf at a bookstore, based The 100 on many of the ideas popularized by science writer and iconoclast Gary Taubes. For years, Taubes has been arguing (pretty persuasively, if you ask me) that our society’s emphasis on low-fat diets is part of the reason that our society has developed such a big obesity problem.

Here’s what Cruise says: Eat all the fat you want, within reason. (“Within reason” pretty much means that you can eat a slab of beef but not the whole cow.) You’ll lose weight so long as you keep your sugar calories to no more than 100 per day -- and by “sugar,” Cruise means not just the stuff in the sugar bowl but most carbohydrates. That includes bread (yes, even whole-grain bread), crackers, pasta, and even starchy vegetables. All of these act like sugar in your body, Cruise says. And that’s bad, because sugar makes your insulin levels spike. And high insulin levels make it hard for muscle cells to burn blood sugar for fuel (and also make your fat cells store more fat). And that makes you get hungry again faster.

So cut way back on sugar and carbs, Cruise says. And then go ahead and eat any of the following:

Eggs and bacon…rump roast, ribs and ground round…salmon, scallops and sausage…chicken, cheese and corned beef. I could go on, but you get the message.

Surprisingly enough, there’s a lot of science supporting this way of thinking, even if the government food pyramid doesn’t reflect it. And maybe even more surprisingly, not only do high-fat, low-carb diets seem to help people lose weight -- they also seem to be good for the heart. But enough about science. Here’s what Cruise told me:

"When people make this lifestyle change they notice dramatic results. The weight comes off quickly and they feel great!

“Sugar has some pretty intense effects on the body, and once you start reducing it or even cutting it out, my clients have told me their cravings practically disappear and they have tons of energy.”

Cruise says you can lose up to 18 pounds in a couple of weeks with his 100-sugar-calorie approach to eating. If you try it, let us know how it works. Just don’t forget the half-and-half in your coffee!

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