How should I prepare for bariatric surgery?

A psychological exam is required for anyone undergoing bariatric surgery. A mental health specialist conducts an evaluation to measure a patient's well-being.

Before undergoing bariatric surgery, many patients are required to undergo six months of supervised weight loss.

Before weight loss surgery, lifestyle changes must be made to ensure weight loss maintenance after surgery.

Dr. Melissa B. Bagloo, MD
Bariatric Medicine (Obesity Medicine) Specialist

Your surgeon’s office will have detailed instructions for the pre-operative period. Most commonly, you will be asked to maintain a specialized pre-operative diet for the immediate 1 to 2 weeks preceding your operation to allow for a weight loss of approximately 10 to 20 lbs. This will allow for a rapid decrease in your liver and abdominal body fat. In doing so, patient safety is increased and the risk for injury to the liver is decreased during the operation. It also assists in preparing the body for surgery and recovery after the operation. Increased protein intake will help preserve muscle mass and decrease atrophy in the recovery period. It will also help the patient accommodate to the post-operative diet that is required after surgery.

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