Should I ask loved ones to support my weight loss efforts?

Paula Greer
Midwifery Nursing

If your loved ones are at a healthy weight and have no health issues they will want to help you in your journey to get healthy too. When you love someone you want them to be around and not suffer the consequences of obesity which shortens the life span significantly. If your loved ones are also struggling with health issues or obesity they may want to join with you in your efforts to get healthy or they may not be ready and feel threatened by the fact you are ready to change your lifestyle. No matter what position you find yourself in you need to have the conversation of what you want to do and what you need from them to help you. Make it only about yourself and as none threatening as possible. If they are not ready they may still learn by example and watching you in your successes. Don't let others feelings or readiness hold you back. If they bring home icecream, cookies or candy to tempt you stay firm but not critical. Remember you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. If you cannot get the support you need from family or at work consider buddying up with a friend or joining a group for the support you need.

Brooke Randolph
Marriage & Family Therapy
If you have any shame about your weight or fear of not completing your weight loss goals, you may be tempted to not share your journey with those around you. Too often, we try to do everything on our own and not accept the help of those that love us. Maybe it is not because you are embarrassed or afraid to disappoint, perhaps you just do not want to bother someone with your problems. Just like I have to remind myself that I am not Wonder Woman, it is OK to accept and even ask for help.

Undertaking any life change is hard work. If emotional issues are involved with your weight gain, it can be even more painful. It is OK to ask for support and assistance. It is very likely that your friends and family want you to be healthy as much as you do. They can support you emotionally by sharing your experience with them if you can. Sometimes people who want to be supportive can say the wrong things because they do not know what to say. If this is a hindrance for you, there may be other ways that you can allow those who want to support you to help you through this process.

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