How can my family help me lose weight?

Marisa Moore
Nutrition & Dietetics

Your family plays an important role in helping you achieve your weight loss goals. You can enlist them to help you create an environment for success.

  • Be a leader. Bring home plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains and prepare delicious meals with them. Show them that eating well can taste good.
  • If your family buys chips, cookies or sodas, politely ask them to refrain from bringing these foods into the house or ask them to keep them out of sight in a high cabinet, for example. 
  • Ask your family to hold you accountable. Since you see them every day, they can help you stay on track with your food and fitness goals.

One's family can be either a great motivator or the root of the problem. Inform your family of your goals and also what you expect from them. Ask for their help with precise statements of what you need them to do and not to do. 


  1. I need you to stop bringing potato chips into the house.
  2. I need you to make smaller portions of food for dinner.
  3. I need you to purchase more of a variety of vegetables at the store each week.
  4. I need you to ask me if I did my exercise today.

These are only a few examples of the many requests one can have. If your family knows your goals, and understands exactly what is expected of them, they will be able to be more of a help than a hindrance.

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