Why should I care about my weight?

These days, it seems as though everybody is talking about overweight and obesity. And it's not just a slightly larger waistline that might come with middle age. It's weight gain that damages our health. According to national data analyzed in 2002, it's estimated that 65 percent of Americans are now overweight or obese, and more than 61 million adults are obese.

Adults aren't the only ones who've been getting heavier. Children have been getting heavier as well. The percentage of children and teens who are overweight has more than doubled since the 1970s. About 16 percent of children and teens are overweight.

This answer is based on source information from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Your body belongs to you and you have the ability to control what you feed it and how often you move it.   Paying attention to your weight will ensure that your body is able to handle life’s daily demands.  Maintaining a healthy weight puts less stress on your joints and internal organs and allows you to better enjoy the amazing things your body is capable of.  Treat your body well and it will reward you for years to come!


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