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What are the health benefits of drinking lots of water?

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    Of all the reasons water (preferably filtered) is oh-so-good for you, the work it does for your guts is one of the best. For starters, it helps lubricate everything, so food can slide through more easily. Plus, it helps quell hunger and fights bad breath.

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    Two-thirds of our body weight is water. Blood is 83 percent water, muscles 75 percent, bone 22 percent and the brain 74 percent…water is obviously good for you. Without water you would dehydrate, and your vital organs would shut down. Water is a necessity for life. Water is the most important molecule, second to oxygen, to live. Specifically, drinking water:
    • Keeps skin healthy and radiant
    • Helps regulate body temperature
    • Transports nutrients to your organs
    • Removes waste
    • Maintains overall health
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    When we are even slightly dehydrated we can experience a false sense of hunger, so it makes sense then that we often confuse our body’s need for hydration with food.

    Another little known fact: when we are dehydrated our metabolism slows down. To rev it back up aim for drinking half of your weight in ounces each day.

    When the kidneys receive enough water the liver is able to break down fat properly, all things considered, drinking water is a simple weight management must!
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    Not drinking enough water can restrict proper weight loss. Our bodies are composed of nearly 70% water, which means that we have to be constantly rehydrating. Water is often not emphasized enough in our daily diets. It's crucial for keeping our body functions in balance. This magic liquid has a whole host of benefits. It regulates our body's temperature, removes waste, transports nutrients -- the most important being oxygen -- and protects our organs, tissues and joints. When we're properly hydrated we operate at our optimal metabolic level and have greater energy. If we don't drink enough water (6 to 8 cups daily) our body fights to keep hydrated, meaning we retain water, which causes bloating and water retention. When you first start drinking more water, you may notice that you're bloated. This is just your body trying to regulate itself. Within a short time the bloating will disappear.
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    Stay Hydrated
    Staying hydrated is a great way to keep your body healthy. Watch the video to learn the benefits of drinking plain and simple water.

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