What are some good tips for listening to music while walking?

The music you want to listen to is upbeat and have a good rythym to keep your pace up.  The slower the music the slower you walk without realizing it.  If you have a normal play list, then make a special play list with music that will keep your speed up and heart rate up.

Walking is a wonderful way to be active and interact with your community while enjoying your surroundings.  Using headphones to listen to music while you walk may enhance the experience, but should be used with caution.  Avoid using headphones on busy streets or in congested areas and set your volume at a lower decibel so that you are still able to hear and react to external stimuli.  Choose music that keeps you motivated and has a beat or tempo that is conducive to your walking pace.  Happy walking!

Choose music that you enjoy. You may choose something that is current or something that is classic. If you are stressed then try finding some calming music, this might be something such as smooth jazz or sounds of nature. Sometimes your best music will be nature. If you have the opportunity to walk early in the morning then go outside and enjoy all that the world has to offer. Always be sure to have music low enough to hear oncoming traffic or to keep yourself alert to your surroundings. Aside from that, find something that suits you and enjoy!

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