How can vitamin B12 help prevent migraines?

No one knows for sure whether vitamin B12 can help prevent migraines and, if so, how it works, but scientists are trying to find answers. Some experts think migraines may occur when blood vessels in the brain swell and press on nearby nerves, causing headache pain. Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is essential for the normal functioning of your nervous system and for the production of healthy red blood cells, but exactly how vitamin B12 could reduce migraines is unclear.

In one study, doctors in the Netherlands treated 19 migraine sufferers with a nasal spray containing vitamin B12 once daily for three months. Ten of the participants experienced reductions in the frequency of their headaches, from an average of about five headaches per month to about two headaches per month. More recently, an Australian study found that the prevalence of migraines was cut in half among a group of headache sufferers who took a daily supplement of vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin B6 for six months.

More studies are needed to confirm that vitamin B12 can help migraine sufferers and determine who might benefit most. Talk to your doctor for more information about vitamin B12 and the best way for you to reduce migraine headaches.

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