How much vitamin A is safe during pregnancy?

The Tolerable Upper Intake Levels for pregnancy have been set at 3,000 micrograms of preformed vitamin A per day. Some fortified foods, including snack bars and cereals, have 50% of the vitamin A adult daily value added in the form of preformed vitamin A such as retinyl palmitate or retinyl acetate. A single serving would provide 750 micrograms of preformed vitamin A. Four servings, a realistic diet scenario, would reach the upper intake level. Other little-known sources of exposure during pregnancy are cosmetics, personal care products and sunscreens, some of which contain significant amounts of vitamin A.

For women who take daily supplements containing vitamin A and eat a diet that includes milk and meat products, consuming foods with large amounts of preformed vitamin A and using personal care products containing vitamin A can lead to routine intakes that might be risky. Women who take daily vitamin pills should monitor their consumption of foods fortified with vitamin A.

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