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What causes dribbling of urine in men?

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  • What Causes Dribbling of Urine in Men?
    Dribbling of urine in men is most commonly caused by an enlarged prostate, says Timothy Atkinson, MD, from Frankfort Regional Medical Center. Discover exactly what happens in this short clip.
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    Many men, young and old, are troubled by the dribbling of urine after the main stream has stopped and the bladder feels empty. Even if they wait a moment and shake the penis before zipping up, there can be embarrassing wet or stained trousers. At highest risk: men with enlarged prostates.

    The medical term for this is post-micturition dribbling. It occurs when the muscles surrounding the urethra don't squeeze hard enough for it to empty completely, leaving a small pool of urine at a dip in the urethra behind the base of the penis. Within a few minutes, the urine dribbles out.
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