Why is balance training important?

More and more research is being published that demonstrates that balance training can greatly reduce the number and severity of falls, thus also reducing the risk for serious injuries such as fractures.

Balance training can be done in the doctor's office and/or at your own home or office. Your doctor of chiropractic will instruct you on appropriate balance training activities. Balance training incorporates strength, endurance, body position awareness and muscle activation sequencing to ensure that your body responds appropriately, thereby limiting the chances of a fall.

Adults over the age of 50, or those with previous injuries to the spine or lower extremities, should talk to a doctor of chiropractic about simple and safe ways to improve balance. 
Wendy Batts
Balance training is extremely important to include in your workout because it is an activity of daily living that you do every day.  When you are walking you are balancing.  When you are getting in and out of a car, you are balancing.  There are many things we do without even thinking about it that involves some sort of balancing component.  Including proper balance training into your workout will help teach your brain and body how to work together and covert those patterns over to what we do on a daily basis.  Think of it this way…you get what you train for.  So proper balance training can reduce the chances of falling and increase the chances of moving correctly while limiting the chance of injury.
By training to develop greater balance, you will recognize improvements in coordination, athletic skill, and posture. This in turn should result in fewer injuries and greater stability.  Through a complex system of environmental feedback, cues from the bottom of your feet, the relation of your inner ear to gravity and what you see, your body senses which muscles to activate or deactivate to maintain your desired position.  When the information received is too complex to translate, the system gets overwhelmed and you lose your balance.  With balance training, you can master what once seemed like impossible tasks—just like you did when you first removed the training wheels from your childhood bike or made it to the bottom of the bunny hill the first time without falling.

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