What is the Peripheral Heart Action Training System?

Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) resistance training can be performed by people at varying fitness levels and it is very effective for changing body composition. PHA resistance training is a type of circuit training. The exercises are performed with no rest or very little rest in between as in circuit training. PHA specifically involves switching between upper body and lower body exercises, moving quickly from one to the next. Try adding a PHA workout into your training program to bust boredom while getting a great workout.

Peripheral Heart Action Training System is a form of resistance training performed in a circuit fashion (or little rest between exercises). The Peripheral Heart Action Training System requires you to perform multiple exercises in rapid succession, but alternating between upper and lower body exercises. This helps facilitate circulation to various muscles and helps you burn extra calories compared to traditional weight lifting.

The peripheral heart action (PHA) training system is a form of circuit training in which you alternate between upper and lower body exercises throughout the circuit. One example would be to perform chest presses followed by squats, then rows to step up to balance exercise. The number of repetitions per set as well as the number of circuits would be determined by your goal. This is a great way to help burn body fat while increasing your lean muscle mass (LMM).

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