Why does my back hurt when doing twists?

Back pain is likely do to having weakened core muscles and a decreased range of motion and creates tightness in the back. When you lunge the back cannot keep its self-stable due to weakness of the core and lack of range of motion.  This lack of range of motion will cause pain and discomfort. To eliminate this pain and discomfort strengthen the muscles of the core and increase range of motion by stretching tightened muscles. Some examples of good core strengthening exercises include the plank, hold for 5-10 seconds repeat 5-10 times. For flexibility foam roll any tight or sensitive area and hold for 30 seconds.
Sadie Lincoln
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Length and relaxation of the spine almost always increases your range of motion and ease in a twist. Often we make the mistake of twisting through a forceful action, which tugs on the spine and creates tension and sometimes back pain. Effective twisting is a gentle release of muscular tension and lengthening of the muscles on one side, rather than a forceful contraction of muscles on the other side. Balancing the rib cage between the front and back body is also helpful for aligning the spine prior to twisting.

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