What exercises can be done with a walker?


If you currently use a walker then it will be best to check with your physician prior to prescribing any exercise program. After clearance you can try a variety of exercises:

  • Walking: If you have a walker and are able to still walk then being as mobile as possible may help to keep your lower limbs as flexible as possible.
  • Lifting your walker: If you have good balance then try simply lifting your walker off the ground. Of course you want to be sure you have the balance so step away from your walker first to see if balance is present. If so, take your walker and simply lift it an inch or two off the ground. This will require balance, core stability, and shoulder strength.
  • Partial squats: Use your walker as your support and have your back near a wall. Slightly bend at your hips and knees to complete as much of a squat as possible. This will engage your core for balance and your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings as well.

Prior to completing any of this, get clearance from your physician.

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