Should I seek professional help before starting a fitness program?


Definitely, not seeking a fitness professional is probably one of the quickest ways to get injured. If your just starting a new fitness programs, you should get an assessment by a personal trainer, so that you can find your starting point. Starting a new workout routine that may be to advance for you can result in injury and discouragement. Personal trainers will put together a program that will meet your needs and, be designed around your schedule and availability. Trainers can devise a personalized regime to help you achieve your goals quickly and safely. No matter what your age or fitness level, everyone can benefit from a personal trainer.


Yes; it is important that a doctor is consulted before starting an exercise program. Doctors and trainers work hand in hand to assist you in your goal. Trainers are not doctors! We cannot diagnose, treat and advise on medical conditions. We depend on the doctor to let us know what to avoid initially or what to continue as you and the trainer begin to work together. If a trainer does not know your history and you decide to start you could get hurt. A good trainer advises all potential clients to see medical advice first. Most of the time the doctor will recommend a fitness professional. If not, then it is good that you went to the physician so he or she can work on what is wrong so you can work with a fitness professional at the appropriate time.

Melanie Knox

Some programs may require it. If not, it is always a good idea to get clearance from your primary care physician prior to starting a fitness program, especially if it is new for you, you have any conditions or you have been sedentary.

If you are trying something new or have had little experience, such as lifting weights, seeking a certified trainer to teach you proper form and movement would be beneficial and provide you with long-term skills and knowledge.

I would recommend that you speak to your doctor before you start a fitness program. You might also want to talk to a fitness professinol to get you in the right direction of an exercise program/routine.
This is not a simple yes or no answer. If you have had health complications in the past, first get a health release from your physician. Then you are ready to start your fitness program. If you have never been in a gym before or worked out using dumbbells, barbells or circuit machines, seeking professional help is a great idea. A personal trainer will be able to show you how to properly perform the exercises and use the fitness equipment, he or she will explain the purpose of good form and the reason for performing each exercise. You will gain a clear understanding of why you are doing each exercise and what muscle groups are being worked. You will have a fitness program designed just for you based on your fitness assessment results. However, if you feel confident that you know how to use the fitness equipment and know the proper techniques for the exercises professional help may not be necessary. You can always try a workout or two alone and then decide if a personal trainer is the next step for you.

It is wise to seek a fitness professional who has invested their time, attention, education, and finances to becoming an expert in their field. Seeking out a fitness professional holding a nationally accredited certification, such as all NASM certified trainers, will greatly improve your chances of success with your fitness goals, reduce the confusion of how to choose the right fitness program for you, and improve your adherence to your fitness routine. The role of a fitness professional is:

  1. To get a clear and concise picture of your individualized goals and desired lifestyle changes
  2. To scientifically assess the following: how your body moves, what muscles are overactive, what muscles are underactive, what potential injuries would you be prone to, what is your current cardiovascular levels, what is your current level of flexibility, what is your body composition ( lean body tissue vs. body fat), and are your current nutritional habits fueling your body to burn fat and keep lean body tissue.
  3. To utilize these assessments to develop a comprehensive plan, profile, and plan for you to meet your goals and live the life you desire. This plan will include flexibility training, corrective exercise to address/prevent  injury, resistance training to improve joint stability and muscular strength, cardiovascular training to improve endurance, and burn fat, and nutritional planning promoting healthy body composition.
  4. To educate you on proper exercise technique and injury prevention.
  5. To provide motivation, accountability, guidance, and teamwork in you reaching your goals.
  6. To provide reassessment testing and progress reports on your improvements.
  7. To build a purposeful, resourceful, long-lasting, and influential relationship with you.
Joy Larison
While there are laws that require us to get a license before we drive a car, or perhaps go fishing, there is no requirement for a license or education prior to getting started exercising. At the same time, we would go to a doctor for medical advice, or a lawyer for legal advice. We hire a roofer instead of doing it ourselves. The same concept can be applied to starting a fitness program. If you are unsure of what to do, or how to do it, your best bet is to seek professional help before you begin. We are educated to show you how to reach your goals, and to get there safely. I always say being a personal trainer is like being a teacher-I am here to educate others so you are investing your time wisely. Also, if you have any medical or physical items that make you apprehensive about exercising it would be in your best interest to find a coach or trainer that is experienced in your needs. Hope this helps!
Absolutely! Consulting your physician is always a smart thing to do. By getting his approval to exercise you now could have piece of mind when starting your new exercise regimen.
To prevent injury and help speed you towards your health and fitness goals I strongly recommend seeking the assistance of a qualified fitness professional like a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT).

Seeking the advice of a qualified professional will help eliminate the "trial and error" kind of fitness many people are prone to. Not only will this make working out seem less complex and complicated but it will also reduce the risk for injury and help make a successful outcome more likely. Unfortunately, there is a high percentage of people who quit after the first 90 days of starting a fitness program. Do not fall into this trap. Think of the investment to work with a professional as an investment in your health. Think of the investment as life long lessons in fitness.

Consider this, would you play golf before taking some lessons on how to swing a golf club? Would you agree that most people require lessons to swim, to play a musical instrument, or drive a car? Then think of working out as an activity that does require
the foundation of professional guidance to insure a safe and effective workout regime.
Don't start off alone and confused. Start off effective and empowered.
Yes seek professional help before starting a fitness program.  You want to be sure that you are following a correct training program for your specific needs and wants.  A professional will also put you through a fitness assesment to determine your weaknesses and strength and design a safe an effect program for you to follow.  Safety is also a very important part of a fitness program. A professional can show you how to correctly do all your exercises and answer any question about your program you may have. 
Seeking a professional for your fitness program is always a great idea.  Many of us really don't know where to start or how to start our fitness program.  Depending on your goals you may need some extra guidance so you are on the right track.  Many fitness professionals can tell you where you are at, what you need to do and how do it to achieve the goals you are looking for.  Education is the key to success and it doesn't hurt to get help.  You don't want to waste several months trying to achieve the goals you are looking for by not understanding where you are going.  If you workout at a gym there are many trainers there that can help you out.  Not to mention this website alone gives you tremedous feedback from top professionals to point you in the right direction.

Before beginning any new activity you should know if you are physically healthy enough to actually take on any strenuous activity. Once you have been cleared by your doctor you certainly should work with a professional trainer or even a physical therapist (if necessary) in order to make sure you are executing movements correctly.

Having a professional guide you through the movements will not only keep you safe and free of injury, but it will also help you make the gains you are looking for.

By using proper form, you will correctly stress the muscles being used causing them to respond with growth, increased strength and endurance. Once you have an increase in muscle fiber, your caloric expenditure will increase, resulting in increased fat loss.

Yes! It is always important to consult your doctor or a healthcare professional before starting any type of exercise program. There are a number of underlying issues that could affect your ability to safely participate in an exercise program. Some of these issues include high or low blood pressure, irregular heart rate, arthritis, bone and joint problems and a history of heart attack or stroke. Unfortunately, a great number of people underestimate their health issues and overestimate their abilities. Oftentimes this results in further health problems and injury. It is always helpful to work with a personal trainer or health coach that can help design you a safe and effective program based on your goals, needs and limitations. By consulting the right people, you minimize your chances of harm and maximize your chances for success!

The short answer is yes.  A lot of times when someone decides to start a fitness program they feel like they have to charge full steam ahead.  This is especially true with those that make their New Years resolution to lose weight, get in shape, etc.  They join a health club and work out hard for awhile but as time goes by they eventually disappear and you never see them again.  What happens is they have no idea where to begin.  They stumble around going from one exercise to the next usually with poor form.  Others workout so hard they end up burning themselves out very quickly.  A professional trainer will help you develop a fitness program based on your specific goals and capabilities.  Next the trainer will guide you through each exercise making sure you are using proper form so the routine is done in a safe and effective way.  

Yes. After you receive clearance to exercise from a medical physician, some form of guidance from a fitness professional will increase the likelihood of achieving your desired objective. Based on the fact that your body and personal needs are different from everyone else, a trained and certified fitness professional can help you specify and tailor an exercise program that will address the outcome you’re seeking. In addition to this, a professional can provide answers to questions, increase accountability and give the extra push you may need on days you do not not feel like exercising.

Dr. Mike Clark, DPT
I highly recommend that you get a coach to help assess your current fitness level and then design and individualized, goal-specifc exercise and nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient, safe and effective way possible.  Look for a NASM certified professional and/or a Nike SPARQ Trainer.
Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
You would never get on a motorcylce before seeking the right type of professional help right? So before you engage in any type of fitness or wellenss program you should always get the help from a well qualified professional. Your Doctor should be your first line of defense. They will steer you in the right direction. After you have done that you can now look into hiring a Personal Trainer preferably from Share Care.

Yes you should seek professional help before starting a fitness program starting with medical clearance to make sure that you are healthy enough to begin a fitness program.  From there identify an NASM or Sharecare Certified Personal Trainer who can help lay out a plan to help you reach and achieve your fitness goals. Those professionals are trained and certified to best match your desired goals and your physical needs with a program that can be designed and implemented to help you reach your goal.

Getting support and guidance a qualified healthcare or fitness professional is a sound way to prepare for starting a fitness program. These professionals can not only help you address any health conditions you may be worried about, but they can also help you create a fitness program that will fit your needs.

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