Your Guide to Diabetes Management

Types of Diabetes Diabetes takes different forms, from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes.
12 Diabetes Risk Factors
10 Symptoms of Diabetes
Screening and Diagnosis for Diabetes

Learn why you need a blood sugar test to accurately diagnose diabetes.

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Life With Diabetes
8 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Diabetes
Insulin Information: Dispelling the Myths and Misconceptions

Is insulin dangerous? Get the facts about insulin and insulin safety.

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Why You Need to Monitor Your Blood Sugar for Diabetes

Testing your blood sugar level at home helps you gauge how well you're managing your diabetes.

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10 Complications of Diabetes
Your Diabetes Team

Learn how specialists such as endocrinologists, dietitians and diabetes educators can help you cope with diabetes.

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Diabetes Food Basics

A healthy diabetic diet is your best strategy for blood sugar and weight control.

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How to Eat to Avoid Insulin Spikes

Simple tweaks to your diet can help prevent insulin spikes.

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10 Best Foods for Diabetes and Blood Sugar
10 Worst Foods for Your Blood Sugar
7 Healthy Snacks to Manage Blood Sugar
8 Best Workouts for Diabetes
3 Lifestyle Changes to Help Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Celebrity Rob Kardashian may be best known for his roles in reality TV, but the health crisis that landed him in the hospital in late December 2015 wa...

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Diabetes Exercise Safety

Don't forget these safety precautions before your next workout.

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The Best Time to Exercise With Diabetes

Choose the right time to work out for better blood sugar control.

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Quick Workouts for People With Diabetes

No time to exercise? Short, intense physical activity can help you manage blood sugar levels.

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Smart Fitness Tips to Manage Diabetes