Diabetes Smart Tips

6 Bad Habits to Nix If You Have Diabetes Bad health habits can lead to diabetes complications. Get a handle on diabetes with expert tips to keep blood sugar steady, avoid weight gain and more.
The Surprising Way Diabetes Can Lead to Blindness 

You probably know that people with diabetes have trouble with blood sugar. But did you know about one-third develop an eye disease called diabetic ret...

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Protect Your Teeth and Gums From Diabetes

"The bacteria that live in your mouth love sugar," explains William DeVizio, DMD. "People with diabetes often have higher levels of sug...

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Say Goodbye to Belly Flab in 9 Steps
7 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for People with Diabetes
Eating Out with Diabetes: 7 Mistakes to Avoid
Add This to Cereal for a Normal Blood Sugar Range

Adding one special ingredient to a morning bowl of cereal just might help you achieve a normal blood sugar range. We're talking about blueberries. ...

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Diabetes-Friendly Foods for Your Eyes

Diabetes is a condition that prevents your body from producing the insulin it needs to bring sugar from the blood stream to cells, where it’s bu...

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A Beginner's Guide to Exercising with Diabetes
What's Your Exercise Personality?
6-Step Walking Plan for Diabetes

Walking is one of the easiest, low-impact exercises you can do. An exercise walking plan can help you get fit, feel more energized, and reach fitness ...

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Get Fit with Diabetes: 8 Exercise Mistakes to Avoid
Stay Safe When Exercising with Diabetes

If you live with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, exercise is one of the best things you can do to offset diabetic damage to your heart and circulatory syst...

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Living with Diabetes: 9 Ways to Change Your Health Habits
Diabetes Tips for Kids, Tweens and Teens

Blood sugar control is a challenge for anyone with diabetes -- but it's particularly difficult for kids and teens who aren't experienced in me...

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Diabetes and Sleep Problems

Many people have sleep problems, but did you know that adults with type 2 diabetes are even more likely to have a sleep disorder and to lack healthy Z...

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