Mediterranean Food Drops Diabetes Risk 83%

You could be a whopping 83% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes with this menu choice: Mediterranean food.

Need a few Mediterranean food ideas? Any dish that emphasizes fish, olive oil, legumes, whole grains, fruit, nuts, or vegetables and minimizes full-fat dairy and red meat. Your diabetes prevention program can be delicious and diverse!

Mediterranean Menu
A study not only revealed the dramatic risk-reduction benefit of Mediterranean food, but also hinted at some of the potential magic at work. Researchers suspect that the olive-oil-centric cooking methods used in Mediterranean fare are a big key, helping protect against insulin resistance as well as metabolic syndrome -- both precursors to diabetes.

Put the Kibosh on Diabetes
Because it tends to have more fruit and vegetables than other cuisines, Mediterranean food is also rich in nutrients that combat inflammation and promote better blood vessel function. And, best of all, sticking to a Mediterranean eating plan is easy because the food tends to be both tasty and satisfying. Why not start your diabetes prevention program today?

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