How can I prevent my lower back from hurting after a long trip?

Very often lower back pain is caused by tightness in the calves, hamstrings, and hip flexors. These muscles get tight because they are in a shortened position for extended periods of time when we sit. One thing you can do to try to either alleviate your pain, or prevent it is travel with a tennis ball, and use it as you would a foam roller. You can place the ball under tender spots in your hamstrings or calves, and lay on it with your upper thigh and outside thigh to reach your hip flexors. Stay on the ball for 30 seconds or more, and follow all of this with static stretching of the muscles you just "rolled." (30 second holds)
Alan F. Bain, DO
Alan F. Bain, DO on behalf of MDLIVE
Internal Medicine
If it is a car trip, you need to take breaks and get out of the car perhaps every 45 minutes to 1 hour. You also need proper lower back support. If it is a trip where you are walking a great deal, then again you need get properly fitted with go shoes.

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