What skills should a 1-year-old child be able to do?

Here are some things you should expect from your one-year-old:
  • Your child should recognize her name and look to you when you say it.
  • She should have at least one word in addition to mama and dada, even though you may be the only one who understands it.
  • She can pick up Cheerios (as well as stray buttons, dead bugs...) with two fingers -- and put them in her mouth.
  • She may be able to hold a cup to her mouth.
  • She knows "no."
  • First steps are taken!
  • Two naps begin to consolidate into one midday nap around this age.
  • Your child should be weaned off of pureed food at around 1 year; she can eat everything you eat if it is in chewable pieces (except potential allergens if there's a family history).
  • She's doing a good job of developing fine motor skills: banging objects, poking fingers, making marks on paper. No piano concertos just yet, but she's working on it.

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