How are thyroid nodules diagnosed?

Either you or your doctor may  feel a nodule in the front of the neck. And a good number are diagnosed as "incidentalomas", nodules found when a CT scan or and MRI scan is done for another reason. Nodules found either way are of equal significance. Usually a thyroid hormone level is the first step. Then the thyroid is scanned by ultrasound to determine how many nodules are present and if they are cystic ( have a fluid filled center- usually benign). Ultrasound can also tell if the nodule  is suspicious for thyroid cancer.
Unless all the tests clearly point to a benign nodule or nodules ( nodular goiter), the gold standard is to do a fine needle aspiration of the nodules in question. It is a simple test with a very thin needle stuck in the nodule under local anesthesia and some tissue pulled back. If it is cancer, or  susupicious of thyroid cancer , then  a surgical procedure needs to be done to remove all or part of the thyroid gland  in most cases

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