What is self talk?

Self-talk is our internal dialog; the words we say to ourselves. It comes in negative, positive and neutral forms. These words reflect and create our emotional-physiological states. We can feel confident or nervous, motivated or discouraged, often depending on what we tell ourselves. Self-talk can influence self-esteem, outlook, energy level, performance and relationships with others. It can even affect health, determining how we react to stress, and how easily we change bad habits such as smoking, overeating, or drinking.

Darren Treasure, PhD
Sports Medicine
Self-talk describes the internal dialogue you have with yourself. Individuals I work with often describe this as “chatter” or their inner voice. Your inner voice is perhaps the most important voice you will ever hear and it is through this that confidence is either enhanced or diminished. If you have a self-image that presents a positive view of yourself, your body, and is aspirational in terms of what you want to achieve then you will be confident which will increase the probability of successful behavior change. If, however, you have a mental image that is negative particularly as it relates to your body image and your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle, your confidence will be low and, unfortunately, your probability of behavior change will be significantly be reduced.
Self talk is all the good and bad things we say to ourselves.

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