What should I do if I have trouble concentrating in school?

There may be several things you can do to improve your opportunity to concentrate in school. First, be sure that you have removed distractions from your immediate environment. This may mean that you change your seat location to one near, or in, the front row. If the teacher has assigned seats, speak with them to request that you be moved to the front row. 

Second, set some guidelines for yourself. Do not allow yourself to look through other books/ material in class. Bring the books/materials for that class and follow the class discussion.

Third, engage yourself by taking notes. This can also keep you engaged in the material. As you take notes, try not to get off track with drawing things that are not related.

Fourth, come prepared to class. If you have some idea of what will be covered, you can ask your questions about the material. This can also assist you in gaining understanding of the material. 

This list can go on, but do be sure to have your eyes checked also. If you are having difficult seeing the board, you may not have the best opportunity to become engaged in the material. 

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