Is green tea beneficial for eye health?

There is research suggesting that green tea may be beneficial to prevent eye diseases such as glaucoma, a serious eye disease associated with aging.

 Green tea is full of catechins. These super antioxidants are known for their disease fighting properties. Because some eye diseases are linked with aging, it makes sense that antioxidants play a protective role in fighting oxidative stress.

In a study, researchers from Hong Kong reported that the antioxidants found in green tea (catechins) were found in the eye tissue of laboratory rats after the rodents ingested the tea. In the study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researchers explained that the catechins of green tea moved from the GI tract to the eye tissues. In fact, researchers found the retina absorbed the highest levels of catechins, and the green tea catechins stayed in the eye, fighting damaging free radicals for more than 20 hours after ingestion.

While it’s thought that many more studies are necessary to draw a conclusion about green tea, this study serves as more evidence that diet plays a key role in disease prevention.