Can I accompany my child into the operating room when she has surgery?

For most day surgeries, you can go into the operating room (OR) with your child. Parents stay with their child until he or she is asleep, then the parents are brought into the recovery room when the child is waking up.

For some surgeries, often emergencies, it's not as safe to have parents in the OR—your surgeon and your anesthesiologist will explain those special circumstances if they apply to you.

While parents are not allowed in the operating room during procedures, they are informed every step of the way. Parents can be with their child pre- and post-surgery.

Hospitals and surgery centers have different policies about going into the operating room with children. Having a parent in the operating room may depend on the space and staff available to make it safe and comfortable for the child and the parent.

In general, hospitals and surgery centers recognize the importance of keeping parents and children together in an atmosphere that keeps everyone feeling calm. It is best to speak with the surgeon, anesthesiologist or another member of the team at the facility to find out about usual practices and to have your questions answered before the day of surgery.

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