How can I cope with people's reactions to a relative's attempted suicide?

Neighbors or other people you know may ask about your relative who attempted suicide. Telling them can be difficult for you and difficult for the person you are telling. They may be truly upset and shocked or stunned by the news. A difficult silence may ensue, but try to keep the conversation going. They will likely have genuine interest in your family and you may value their contact.
People who discriminate against you and your relative because of mental illness, or because of suicide, are generally uninformed about the nature of mental illness and suicide. It is best to ignore unpleasant comments or behaviors. This is the time to call upon close friends to support and sustain you.
Approach those who would avoid you with dignity. Your grief may be such that you will not even notice the reactions of people around you at the beginning. Your turmoil of emotions may mean that you really cannot worry about what others think.

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