How can I reduce the time I spend on technology and social media?

Be very aware of the time -- maybe even set an alarm or timer -- that you're on social media at home, during your workday, while you're socializing and enjoying activities -- and keep it to a bare minimum, if at all. I encourage people who maybe have social media apps to delete it or turn it off. As for texting, try to draw the line with any conversations that are more than 3 or 4 texts. 
Shawn Edgington
One thing’s for sure. The demands of being constantly connected are never ending, and if we don’t stop to smell the roses and start to “live in the moment,” we might all need to stage an intervention and check our loved ones (or ourselves) into Connective Addictive Therapy.

If you feel like you are overly connected and ready to take back the time that you’ve stolen from yourself, here’s how the program works:
  • Put away your cell phone while you are with others, at work or driving (I keep mine in my handbag so it’s completely out of sight)
  • Look at your phone no more than five times a day (unless you’re expecting an important call or a message). Once you’ve answered your messages, return it back to where it was.
  • Limit your social networking time to no more than two sites, and to the amount of time that is right for your personal and professional objectives.
  • On weekends and vacation time, limit your “constant connectivity” to urgencies and emergencies, so you can really enjoy the ones you choose to spend your personal time with. And don’t forget about “me” time.
  • Schedule more quality time away from technology driven activities.

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