Is foam rolling beneficial to do for a warm-up?


Foam rolling is greatly beneficial as a warm-up, by giving your self a deep tissue massage (foam rolling) and a good stretch prior to beginning an exercise session you may be preventing injury.  Foam rolling improves the pliability of muscles, increases blood flow and helps to warm them up for the demands exercise brings.

Joel Merritt
Yes, foam rolling is a great part of a warm up before exercise.  However, I  would suggest that it's not the only part of the warm up.  I'd reccommend a mild pace warm up like walking on a tredmill or elliptical machine or riding a bike before foam rolling and stretching to finish the warm up. A mild movement increase will help get your blood flowing to the muscle to help prepare them for what's to come.  That will mean they are more receptive to the foam rolling and stretching you do as well. A good warm up should consist of 5-10 minutes of a low intensity cardio movement, foam rolling and some stretches.
Foam rolling helps get the body ready for exercise.  It is similar to a deep tissue massage.  It helps increase the blood flow to help you perform better and burn more calories.  Once you start the habit of foam rolling, you will notice a difference on how your muscles feel. 
Yes, foam rolling can be beneficial to do as part of a warm-up because the act of moving different body parts slowly back and forth over the roller will increase blood flow and muscle-tissue temperature.  If you exercise regularly, or if you have muscle imbalances (muscles that are tighter than they should be), stress to the muscle tissue eventually will lead to the formation of knots, knowns as adhesions (scar-tissue). These adhesions can increase tension and cause pain in the muscle, preventing it from functioning optimally.  The foam roller is great tool to use as a warm-up because the pressure created on the muscles by the roller reduces the negative impact of the adhesions while simultaneously decreasing the tension in your muscles before exercise.  

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eck … the whole body. Foam-rolling, static stretching and dynamic stretching are the three categories of the warm-up stretching or cool-down process.

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