I hate exercising, what should I do?

If you hate exercising, find  activities you enjoy versus those you consider “exercise.” Your heart does not differentiate between if you are playing chase with the kids, or doing intervals on an elliptical machine. If you do the activities you enjoy most, you’re less likely to consider them as exercise. Be creative, and most importantly, have fun!

Dr. Mike Clark, DPT
If you dont like to "exercise" in the formal sense, become an accidental exerciser.  Make your home, office, and the environment your gym.  All movement/physical activity is exercise (everything counts).

Here are some tips that you can incorporate into your day:
1. Walk 10,000 steps/day (buy a pedometer, track your steps and add 250 steps/day until you get to 10,000)
2. Take the stairs
3. Park as far away from your destination as possible and walk
4. Find an activity you love (walking, riding bike, hiking, dancing, yoga, etc)....remember all physical activity counts!
5. Try some basic at home body weight exercises that you can do during commercials while you are watching TV:
     a. Push ups
     b. Bridges
     c. Lunges

Physical activity is an EXTREMELY important component to your healthy lifestyle!

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