How do I stay motivated to exercise?

This question is often presented and very understandable.  For many of you who exercise, you do it because you know you need to.  The benefits are all present but at times we lack in motivation.  Try some of the following and let me know if I can further assist:

  • Find a workout buddy
  • Take a group exercise class
  • Change the time of day in which your workout
  • Most of all change your routine!!  Do not get stuck in the same routine as it will get boring and you will lose motivation.
To keep on track, consider scheduling your workouts like you would any other appointments. You may want to find a workout partner who will keep you motivated when you are tempted to skip a workout.
Set realistic goals including long-term goals, such as walking 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, and short-term goals, such as “I’m going try strength-training today.” You may want to do a variety of exercises to keep your interest piqued in working out. Track your progress by recording noticeable changes, such as your energy level, weight, belt size, and changes in medications.
The key to motivation is a sense of control over what you are doing, when you are doing it and where. Choose something you know you'll love or something you think you'll grow to love and have fun with. Add in social support such as friends, co-workers or family members to keep you engaged in the activities. Similar to anything new, you need to realize that you are starting off with a sense of newness and possible discomfort, but those feelings go away; as with anything in life that is new.
You know the benefits of keeping fit but that doesn’t mean you’re always motivated to exercise. Here are some ways to get fired up about working out:
  • Get a workout buddy.
  • Hire a personal trainer.
  • Try group exercise.
  • Play games.
  • Entertain yourself.
  • Tap into social networks.
  • Try positive feedback -- it works!
  • Get a fitness tracking device.
  • Make it a family affair: Remember, you're not just training for yourself! 

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