Are digital jumping pads accurate when assessing vertical jump?

Yes. When proper technique and testing procedures are followed the test results are similar to other devices such as the vertec or jump and reach test. Athletes can skew the test in one of the following two ways:

  1. The athlete jumps well but tucks his knees while coming down and landing. Thereby, lengthening his hang time and giving an inflated score; or
  2. The athlete, without a visible goal to reach, gives a lackluster effort and receives a score much lower than his ability. Many athletes need something to strive for and in doing so, receive feedback, reinforcement, and motivation to jump higher the next time. The digital jump pads are a very convenient tool and generate reliable results when the aforementioned parameters are checked. Testing procedures and technique must be clearly explained prior to testing and it is always a good idea to provide some sort of visual stimulus to prime athletes to do their best.

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