Is the universe a friendly place?

Richard Walsh
Social Work
Since I am not familiar with the entire universe let me speak about what I know from my experiences in life. I know that if I put my hand into a raging fire it will not feel very friendly or safe. So where you place yourself physically has a lot of influence on your experience of the universe as a friendly place. I can place myself near the same fire and put a marshmellow on a stick and put it in the fire, while sharing stories with friends and that may create a sense of a friendly universe. As I stated above I can only reflect on this from personal experience. Maybe the universe exists only on the inside as we experience life. With that as your frame of reference then the answer to a friendly universe is a journey of discovery for you. Use your inner wisdom as a guide. In the end my experience is it is all good. I'm alive and breathing and so are you if you are reading this. We've survived everything life has thrown at us. Maybe the universe is a friendly place afterall. 
Lisa Oz
Health Education

This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves. As we look around the world at all the seemingly needless suffering - death, disease, torture, and cruelty - it does not appear to be friendly at all. In fact, sometimes it seems downright hostile. For example, a brave and beautiful six-year-old girl was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. Last week her body rejected the bone marrow transplant that was her only hope for survival, and she passed away. This makes no sense in a friendly world. What could possibly be the purpose of such a premature loss?

We witness this sort of bereavement from a distance and try to rationalize it. We tell the anguished family we are sorry and secretly reassure ourselves that it cannot happen to us. We are saddened, but somehow our sense of the order of the cosmos remains intact. Yet, when we are faced with our own personal tragedies, the first thing we ask is, "How could God let this occur?" When it is our loss or pain rather than someone else's, then suddenly even the existence of a benign Creator comes into question. For some reason, we think that God would not let tragedy strike us. This is ridiculous. What kind of faith remains solid while millions of children starve to death, but goes out the window the day you are diagnosed with cancer?

Of course, the only possible answer to the lament of "Why me?" is "Why not me?" If the universe or God allows terror and violence anywhere, then it is possible everywhere. We are not exempt from the reality of pain. On an existential level, once it happens to anyone, it has happened to us all. I think we all know this deep down, which is why we are fundamentally afraid.

No, the universe is not friendly.

People say that Mother Teresa was not friendly either. I have heard from several sources who spent significant time with her that she was, in fact, rather curmudgeonly. Nevertheless, "friendly" is not synonymous with "good." So, while the universe definitely appears to be unfriendly, I still think it is good.

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